* Persbericht (20), Stichting Carnaval Du Jazz, vrijdag 5 januari 2001 te Heerlen (NL) *

Monday 15 January 2001, 21.00 hours:

Tickets (Dfl. 15,--) for this concert can be obtained via: www.carnavaldujazz.com
or by phone +31 (0)45 - 571 41 21 (Marc Bosch).
The club opens at 20.00 hours and this concert starts Monday the 15th of January at 21.00 hours!
The international Jazzclub CARNAVAL DU JAZZ is located in ristorante Massimo's basement (next to Hotel MAX and Parking De Klomp) at the Wilhelminaplein 20 in the citycenter of HEERLEN.
More details at his internetsite: http://www.matthiasbroede.de

Mo 15 Jan. 2001 * EUREGIO TIP * MATTHIAS BRÖDE Chamber Trio (D) Dfl. 15,--
(Matthias Broede - harmonica/piano, Ralph Beerkircher - guitars, Volker Heinze - double bass)

De Duitse pianist en mondharmonicavirtuoos Mattias Bröde behoort tot de top in de Keulse jazzscène. Hij speelt eigentijdse jazz in een kleine en intieme bezetting. Invloeden van de 20e eeuwse klassieke muziek, zowel als van de hedendaagse jazz, kenmerken zijn originele composities en arrangementen. Een zekere referentie met Jean-Toots Thielemans is niet van de lucht.
Contemporary Jazz with a small and fresh sounding line up - Influences from 20th century European classical music as well as from Jazztradition
- original compositions with very individual melodies and grooves - new sounds on chromatic harmonica - arrangements of traditional tunes others than Jazzstandards - thrilling improvisations, emotionally well-balanced between lyrical and intense playing - always true and authentic art - a real liveact you shouldn't miss!
Sound, expression and the way of playing on the chromatic harmonica - these are some special features of Matthias Bröde's music. There aren't many musicians of modern jazz who know to perform on the harmonica with virtuosity and sureness in style like he does. Because of its closeness to human voice this instrument offers powerful modes of expression though uptempo-lines are certainly not easy to play. He considers and applies the chromatic harmonica as a "jazz-horn" and combines its sound with the rich harmonic possibilities of the piano. Not least because of his compositions, which play a vital part in his music, Matthias Bröde has found his own voice within modern European jazz.

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Neem voor méér informatie contact op met Carnaval Du Jazz-voorzitter Marc Bosch, +31 (0)45 - 571 41 21, of per Gsm +31 (0)6 50 50 20 22., email , Bongerd 30, 6411 JM Heerlen.